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        Our team of artists is qualified to handle just about any project from re-creating broken or missing historic painted glass to designing a custom residential window.  They have trained directly under some of the greatest painters and teachers this country has to offer.   Their extensive knowledge over many differing painting techniques ensures we can provide work with the highest attention to detail and technique.  Capabilities of our artist include painting, acid etching, sandblasting, screen printing, slumping, fusing and a broad range of design and engineering.  When creating new, custom work it is important to consider structural support requirements before and during the design process.


  We begin the design process by meeting with the client to determine the styles and images they may wish to incorporate into their panel(s).  This can be done at our facility or on site of installation to consider surrounding architectural details.  Also during this time, glass options will be explored to find the colors, textures and densities best suited for their location. 


        Panels are cut and assembled by hand no different than they have been for centuries.  Surrounded by a world of disposable goods, our panels are composed of traditional materials that have proven to be unparallel to modern alternatives in regards to longevity and economical maintenance and repair.


        Our studio will facilitate the entire installation as well as provide any custom carpentry that may be necessary to display our glass as a permanent fixture in the building.

"Ninkasi" our 2013 ArtPrize entry

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