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St. Isidore Catholic Church,
Grand Rapids

The windows at St. Isidore were rapidly deteriorating due to the installation of two layers of unventilated protective glazing.  The airspace between these layers not only traps moisture but can also swing up to 90 degrees in just one day.  This has detrimental effects on both the lead matrix as well as the wood framing.  We developed a five year plan to remove the protective glazing and bring the failing stained glass back to as new condition.

Ninkasi, ArtPrize 2013

We decided to enter a piece in ArtPrize, a local art show, to showcase our capabilities and creativity.  Founders Brewing Company was our venue and it is proudly a permanent fixture in the Grand Rapids taproom.

Sanford House Signage

We were commissioned to create a one of a kind glass sign for the entry to a new outpatient facility.  Two blocks of glass were fused and the imagery was waterjet cut out of the blue.  The blue pieces were then tack fused to the white, drilled and mounted with standoffs.

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